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Whiskey Trails

Hi 👋, If you’ve just started tasting whisky and are starting to think about how to improve your whisky tasting, then welcome to the Wagon !

so Just as we begin talking about oaks, peats & age ...let’s get our facts right !

Truly , it doesn’t matter how you take to get to these level important is to begin !

Theres always a beginning & every single taster , was here sometime in his life .

Whisky like wine drinking can sometimes get a bit overdone & pretentious....

so don’t let that put you off or get daunting enough to dither you .

Personally I started my whisky journey , tasting single malts & blends from my dad & grand dads glass .....

came a long way now , as I confidently matured my palate through many a travels, whiskey trails & attending festivals.

So here’s looking forward to plenty of sharing of our experiences together 🥃

This was just what we did a couple of years ago at the oxford golf resort ..

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