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This supper summer to the Eyes & stomach salad - WATERMELON & FETA SALAD

has been rather popular since a few years now -

Having a bit of inspirations from a few mediterranean ingredients like Feta,A good Italian Balsamic & cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with a garnish of either pinenuts or walnuts with a sweet & tangy taste makes this a super -appetising, cooling, popular salad with the non salad eater , safe and a

light salad to add in any entertaining menus too .

It’s sure has become a popular salad in my household, specially in the hot scorching heat of the Pune Summer , both water melon & mint both add cooling foods to introduce in you daily summer treats !!

be it in salads , soups or Juices !!!


200 gm watermelon -sliced into 2” Square 30 ml Balsamic vinegar

100 ml port /house red wine

50 gm feta cheese

1 tbsp Pine Nuts

Few mint leaves

25 ml extra virgin oil (olive oil)

Salt & Pepper to taste


• Peel and cut the melon into thick wedged/ slices or squares , de seed .

• Reduce the port wine and Balsamic vinegar on a very low flame till it reaches almost syrup consistency.( reduction)

• Marinate the melon with finely cut julienne strands of basil, mint, extra virgin olive oil . •Arrange the melon on a plate, drizzled with Balsamic reduction. • Crumble the feta on to it and spoon some of the reduction round it.

• Sprinkle fine nuts garnish with mint leaves serve chilled.

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