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Vegan Lifestyle

I’ve been getting our fresh produce from my backyard for over a year now, and I have to say I’ll never go back to the grocery store to buy our produce if I don’t have to. 🍅🥒🥬🍎

Here’s why:

We’ve been eating more fresh vegetables and leafy greens because the taste is incomparable to when we buy produce from our local grocery store. It’s insane to me! We actually crave more vegetables and eat more salads now because the produce tastes amazingly fresh and is full of flavor. Not to mention, having a higher nutritional value!

I love the fact that I know exactly where the food we are eating comes from rather than being plucked, boxed up onto a refrigerated truck and sits there for who knows how long, to then be transported to a grocery store (to again sit there for who know how long) and then out onto the shelves, to AGAIN, sit there for who knows how long until someone buys it! 🤯

Try healthier choices rather than opting for convenience. You might just surprise yourself with how going the extra mile might soon become your new normal in fueling your body with what it’s desperately craving 💖🌸

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