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My Miracle Backyard

- An Inspiring way of life !

“All from my backyard “

Often heard from me ! Let me share a happy secret story -

We as a family are blessed with nearly an acre of beautiful home & garden .

Boy ! and you’ll be surprised with the amount of veggies it produces !!

What more can be better than producing & getting a ‘bouquet’ of healthy organically grown veggies every morning ?

Now , I can understand, not every one is born with a green thumb , well , Neither am I .

Passion for good food can drive you to a task you can benefit for ever !!

Growing a couple of vegetables can begin the story ,

So even if you have a window sill,terrace ,a patch of a front or back yard with the right amount of a driveway , all is possible !!

Potted plants like - tomatoes ,herbs ,peppers ,salad, greens ,zucchini, pumpkin to name a few and here’s the beginning !

All You need is some sensible choice of well draining pots , compost soil & a right spot for a sunshine a plenty of -Tender Loving , care ands the rewards are plenty !!

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