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Tres Leche

A simple and lovely dessert , a never can go wrong & very impressive !


Step 1

For the sponge Cake-

  • Flour -1 cup

  • Sugar -1 cup ( I just powdered it , easy to mix)

  • Egg-3 big or 4 small

  • Corn flour -1 Tbs

  • Baking powder-1/4 tsp

  • Vannila essence – 1 tsp optional

  • Vanilla / or Rose essence – 2 tsp

  • Rose colour – small pinch ( edible optional if pink cake desired )

  • Edible rose buds for garnish

  • Pistachio slices few-for garnish

The most important step for this cake is , it has to be really soft !

Do beat the egg and sugar until really fluffy & to pale yellow in colour.

Beat egg and sugar together , really fluffy to that add in rest of all the dry Ingredients (corn flour , baking soda ) and fold in to get a super silky batter .

add in the vanilla essence , rose color , Rose water and Rose syrup and fold in well to the cake batter .

Grease the tin and pour in the batter and bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 30 mins.

I used aluminum cake pan and glass Pyrex dish today and baked in electric oven . I have baked this cake in pressure cooker also ( cooker needs to be big and you need to place a pan inside the cooker) must say it also turned out quite successful.

Once the cake is baked , take it out from the oven and allow it to cool for some time. Poke in holes with a fork . (Be sure the bowl is little deep as we have to pour in the milk)

Now pour in the rose milk or cream . And allow it too cool in fridge .

Step 2

Rose Milk cream

  • Condensed milk – 1 tin

  • Evaporated Milk- 1 tin (if you don’t have it’s fine or else just boil milk and reduce to a thick milk )

  • Cream- 1 packet / tin (I guess it was 220 gm tin – cooking cream is better , today I have used puck thick cream – any cream would be fine like amul cream or nestle cream )

  • Rose syrup – 4 tbs

  • Rose colour- small pinch (optional I haven’t used )

  • Rose water – 2 tbs

Mix all together for a yummy tasty rose milk cream , which should be poured on top of the milk cake.

My milk cream had some lumps , you could see the white spots in the cream it was because the thick cream was too thick . If you want the milk cream to be more in quantity and loose can add in pasteurized milk .

After pouring milk on one side , I just flipped it carefully and poured on the back side of cake too (this is actually optional, cake does become soft pouring on one side alone )

And then allow the cake to cool in the fridge .

Step 3

  • Whipping cream -1 cup or more

I used fresh whipping cream . As the cake and milk cream is sweet ,I dint add in any extra sugar to the whipping cream . But the whipping cream you get in kerala , is slightly sweet so just be careful- to reduce sweetness in milk cream .

Whip the cream and pour the whipping cream on top of the cake and it’s ready to serve . I just decorated with few pistachio slices and edible rose buds

If your not too much keen of Rose flavor you can avoid it in the cake and just add it in milk cream alone .

Cake needs a good 2-3 hr setting in fridge . While serving you can add in more milk and serve .

In the pic below it’s bicarbonate of soda , while yawing I understood I need to use baking soda so I used baking soda only . Also vanilla essence isn’t there in pic ( you can use or avoid as you wish )

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