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Tender coconut Rose Fudge


Today I am excited to share with all of you a very precious Recipe !!

I also want to celebrate my one week old Blog Today !!

its one of my grands moms secret recipes & Important is “The secret “ which is the use of Tender & very fresh coconut , one I used here is from my own garden coconut trees which bears fruits all round the year almost , but its post winters , in February , my grand moms birthday falls in this month that we are blessed with the most produce from them and I make this special sweet is dedicated in her memory , “Rose “ means a lot here to me as her name too was Gulab , the word Gulabi is Pink in India !

Hence this recipe is dedicated to my Sweet , Maternal Grand mom



8 Tender Coconuts , grate only the white part to make approx 6 cups

3 Cups sugar

3 cups cream – cow’s milk


6 cups full milk cream, preferred home made (clotted cream)

1 Tbsp .Rose essence

A drop of Cochineal (Pink edible color)


In a thick bottom pan add the coconut , keeping on medium heat Stir in the sugar, mix well. Keep stirring the mix till sugar dissolves and starts bubbling.

Add the cream mixing well.

Keep mixing till the coconut leaves the sides and comes together (not too hard keeping the mixture soft (approx 30 min)

Finally add a ting of Rose Pink colour and the Rose essence , turn out onto a edged platter tilt round nd tap it a couple of times for the mix to spread evenly, leave to cool .

cut it in diamond shape , criss cross manner .

garnish with edible silver foul ( varq ) and a fee rose petals .

stores well refrigerated for a couple of weeks .

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