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Roast chicken Forestier

This is a French way of a

Roast a bit like the Coq Au Vin ,

but here I have used the whole Chicken with skin , marinated over night & slow roasted in the oven with the marinade & wine beautiful crisp & golden served in its own jus !

Makes a superb healthy, hearty Family or entertaining with a Stylish Main Course !!

chicken -

marinate in salt water whole night .

marinade -

of spices mix together to infuse .

Fresh vegetables -

blanched & sauté in garlic butter


boil, mash & sauté in butter

Demi glacé Sauce -

prepared from the juices & wine , juices collected in the roasting pan .

marinade chicken for an hour minimum


1 1/2 kg Whole chicken -

Vegetables as side -

500 gm boiled potatoes

100 gm Broccoli

100gm beans

100 gm carrots

100 gm yellow quash

For Marination-

Butter- 150 grms

HP sauce - 30 ml ( optional )

Worcestershire-25 ml

Red wine- 20 ml

Rosemary chopped-5 grms

Thyme chopped- 5 grms

Mustard paste-10 ml

garlic chopped- 2 tbsp

Salt& pepper to taste

Whole garlic cut into 1/2

Leeks 1/2 cut

Celery cubes cut

Carrots diced cut

preparation- a day ahead

marinate the whole chicken in 1 litre water with a handful of salt .

Prepare rations to do in advance -

  1. Peel and finely chop the onion. Trim, peel and finely chop the carrot into small dice. Thickly slice the mushrooms. chop finely the celery,cut the whole hardly into haves ( horizontally)

  2. Pour 1 tbsp oil into a large pan or casserole dish , take out chicken from brine , on to this & rub in gently the mixed marination adding pepper & salt to taste

  3. stuff the chicken with the Halved garlic , onion , celery & carrot & mushrooms. can save a few to add as sides !

  4. lay it breast side down with wings turned up on the pan

  5. set aside to marinate for an hour while you prepare the rest .

  6. wash & prepare the accompaniment & garnish vegetables -

break the broccoli in florets

cut the squash into julienne,

string & snap the french beans into 2 “ long lengths - blanch the veggies in boiling water adding -carrots first , than beans , broccoli & lastly the squash - for 3mins , strain & plunge into ice cold water to stop further cooking &retain the crispness & colour - ( the 3 C s - cooking,colour& crispness !)

toss the mashed potatoes in a pan with butter , season with salt & pepper, add a tablespoon of cream & whip to a smooth purée ready to pipe onto the plate

set the veg aside till ready to plate - they will

demi glacé sauce

Final Preparation & Roasting

  1. preheat the oven to 180c and roast the chicken for 1 1/2 hour , drizzle /baste with a bit of oil from the pan itself midway

  2. remove pan & rest for 10-15 mins

  3. cut the chicken carefully from centre of breast ,thigh joint to get the rib cage & back separated (for serving

  4. boil the remains with the separated Caracas adding a cup of water to get the jus .

  5. add the chicken pieces back again to soak the jus

  6. after 5 mins of cooking it in the pan , gently remove the breasts & thighs out onto a warm plate corner with foil till required to plate

  7. strain the well boiled leftovers in the pan & reduce the liquid to form a thickish jus .

  8. plate onto a warm plate the -the warmed veggies ,potato mash noisettes ... or spoon it place the chicken portion drizzle the jus on the plate & serve garnished with parsley as shown in pictures !!

  9. serve warm with dinner roll & piped butter ( optional )

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