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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Okonomiyaki ? what is this ? Though it’s sounding very new to the japanese cuisine It is simply nothing but a Japanese savoury pancake made essentially from shredded cabbage, flour, eggs and water and topped with Mayonnaise & a Japanese sauce along with any protein of your choice .

Its also called a Japanese pizza many a times .


500 gms- cabbage finely shredded

100 gm / 1 large carrots finely sliced

100 gm - 4 spring onions ( scallions) cut finely

150 gm okonomiyaki flour or tempura flour

100 ml cold water

3 large eggs beaten well

Little salt and pepper to taste

oil for frying

garnish / Toppings

20/30 gm- mayonnaise

20 grms- okonomiyaki sauce or bulldog sauce

5 grms- katsuboshi (Bonito flakes). or

Aomori - is a Japanese sea weed

( or a protein of your choice )

Method :-

• In a large bowl mix together flour & water make a smooth batter

• add the lightly beaten eggs , whisking into the batter

• Add the finely slice the carrots , shredded cabbage & chopped spring onions to the batter .

•Heat a large fry pan on medium heat ,

•add oil , add in enough pancake mixture 2

to form a 6” round pancake about 1/2 “ thick , cook till set , flip over onto the other side cook till golden in colour ( 3-4 mins each side )

• slide onto a plate .

•top with Buldog Sauce & Mayonnaise to form a grill top with bonito flakes & Anori

• serve hot garnish at the side with pickled ginger & buldog sauce

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