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Malai Kulfi

My traditional 3 ingredients summer Treat !!!

Homemade Malai kulfi with only 3 ingredients

cow's milk, sugar & cardamom !

Malai kulfi !

This wholesome clean to the palate , with no extra additives Kulfi is very addictive , in fact with plenty of milk coming from our own Cow s , its a regular year round handy dessert in our household.

I sometimes also make it with a tin of condensed Milk , in this case I avoid any addition of sweetener /sugar  .

of course it does help in making the kulfi much creamier & has its own flavour.

Malai  Kulfi can be prepared within no time but takes 6-8 hours of chilling in the freezer to set to best consistency .

Kulfi makes  a Perfect all time  dessert


  • 3 litres of cow ‘s milk

  • 1-¼  cup sugar Or a tin of condensed Milk (200 gms )

  • 1tsp fresh cardamom powder .

Method :-

•In a thick bottomed vessel put the milk to boil on High for 15 minutes,

• lower gas to medium heat & further boil the milk stirring continuously till milk reduces to almost Half the quantity.

• add the sugar / or Condensed milk , boil further till all sugar has dissolved.

• Finally add the cardamom powder and stir well .

• Put of the gas  and leave to cool covered with a mesh cover , stir in between from , time to time,  to prevent a cream from forming on the top .

• when cooled , start filling into cone shaped kulfi moulds.

as ( shown ) the picture.

freeze overnight or 6 hours !


one can add ½ cup of very  finely crushed almonds & pistachio,almost powdered and  a few strands of saffron to make this into kesar Pista kulfi.

serving suggestions from

serve garnished with chopped almond & pistachio !

or with a drizzle of Rose syrup & falooda !

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