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Maharastrian Puran Poli

I Always follow my mom's recipe which I have posted on my blog . 

we usually make a Puran poli on a festive day like Padwa -Hindu  New  Year , Nag Panchami or  for lord Ganesha during Chaturthi !  

Usually my lady cook makes them according to this recipe and I must say , she does a great job as usual but today , as she away , I tried my hand at it , after a real long time and was so glad I got to make them with the  help of my kitchen assistant ofcourse with the Rolling  & rest of the cooking ,though the entire preparation were done by me 🙂

Puran poli is usually served with plenty of ghee & an Amti - (a curry made with the water left behind ) or hot saffron infused milk ! 

Every Maharashtrian Household/Family has their own Puran poli & Amti recipe  .


* Chana dal – 2 cups (450-500gm ) 

* Jaggery- 1.5 cups ( add 2 cups if you like it towards the sweeter side)

* 1/2 tsp dry ginger powder

* 1/4 nutmeg finely grated 

* 4 Cardamom pods – finely crushed

Method :- 

* Wash the chana dal well and cook in 5 cups /1 litre of water (double  the quantity of dal ) for 5-6 whistles in a pressure cooker . (till soft but not mushy)

* Drain all the water in a colander (this is saved for the Amti usually ). 

* Add to the cooked dal the grated jaggery & run it through a food processor/ mixer , Pulse it a few times ,mixing in between to get a smooth paste .

* Taste the puran  and adjust the sweetness accordingly to personal taste 

* if the mixture is very soft, transfer mixture to a pan and cook for few minutes stirring continuously taking care not to scorch it 

*   the puran is ready  when it does not   stick to your hands or is mushy 

* Add the grated nutmeg , powdered dry ginger & crushed cardamom 

* mix into a round ball keep covered till needed 

* make round balls of the puran  mixture , a size of a big lime & use as filling in the dough prepared as follows 

for the Poli dough :- 

* 2 cups whole wheat flour 

* 2 cups All purpose flour 

*  2 tablespoon Oil 

*  1/4 tsp salt to taste 

* 1/4 tsp saffron crushed / powder( optional ) 

* Water to mix the dough

Method :- 

* In a large bowl add both the flours & salt , mix together 

* slowly add the water & oil add the saffron powder (dissolved in little milk)  for well distributing it into the flour 

* knead well to make a dough which is slightly softer than the chapati dough in feel 

* Knead the dough well & rest for 1/2 hour covered with a damp kitchen towel

* now the dough should be easy to stretch without breaking 

* Now make tiny balls the size of a big lemon 2” 

* the proportion of dough to puran ( filling ) should be almost equal . 

* I take dough which is about 1/2 of the size of my purnam ball as I like my poli to be really stuffed ! The whole idea is that the dough should be less than the purnam. This makes a perfect thin puran polis.

* So with oiled palms, take the dough ball & make a round cone , fill in the stuffing , close from all round the stuffing & with a rolling pin roll out as for a stuffed bread / roti rolling it slowly.

* Cook the stuffed poli on a hot girdle as for pancakes / crepes or chapati,  add some oil/ghee and cook on both sides till done ! 

Puran poli tastes lovely with ghee, saffron milk or just on its own with Amti !!

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