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Hibiscus and lemon Sherbet


2 /3 Red Hibiscus flowers

500ml water

2 limes /lemon

2tables spoon Sugar / honey ( to choice )

pinch of salt


mint leaves

Hibiscus petals

Ice cubes as desired

Serve -

2-Tall glasses .( 200ml each )

To prepare :-

Boil be water .

Pour boiling water in a bowl with hibiscus petals .

Add boiling water in a bowl full of basil / tulsi seeds.

Add sugar or Honey to your taste & a n pinch of salt to the hibiscus water & mix well.

In a glass squeeze lime juice Pour the hibiscus infused water stir well add ice cubes as required ( optional ) or chill the infusion for a couple of hours in a refrigerator.

Serve cold garnished with mint leaf !

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