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Har Gau

These yummy soft with a juicy prawn filling dipped in its sesame flavoured soy are irresistible & fun to serve! 

Dim sum in Asia , gyoza, potstickers,  Dumpling & momo are now popularly served all over the world in Asian restaurants! 

These Dumplings are not easy the first time , so be prepared as loads of practice is needed like any beautifully crafted dish would !  

The secret is to use the best available - 

gluten free Wheat starch & potato starch . 

see that the water you add is almost boiling hot .

So getting the correct ingredients and try to measure them by weight is possible.

The proportion of flour is 1:3 as given 

The water for the dough must be boiling hot water (if you love cooking techniques, think about starch gelatinization).

The shrimps should be soaked in cold water  for at least 1 hours so they can keep a firm taste.

Please follow the instructions precisely and cover the dough, wrapper portions and assembled dumplings with wet cloth to prevent them from drying out.



 •120 gm Wheat starch 

•40 gm Potato starch

•100 ml boiling hot Water 

*•20 ml Oil


Mix the two flours and add around 100  ml  to 120 ml boiling hot water. Add extra if needed , Using a chopstick  to stir in the water. 

Mix well and cover with a lid , set aside for 5 to 10 minutes.


250 gm Prawn  

30 gm Bamboo shoot ( optional) 

20 gm Chives 

10 ml Sesame oil 

3/4 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Shao xing wine or chicken tasting powder 

1 tbsp Egg white

1 1/2 Potato starch

1/2 tsp White pepper 


1. Bring to boil 130 ml of water. Use a chopstick to stir in the water into the flour mixture ,mix well cover with a lid, set aside for 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

2. Add 20ml vegetable oil 

3. start kneading the dough when it is still semi  hot/ warm. Knead everything together to form a ball . The dough should not be too soft. It should be quite firm, similar to common dumpling dough. If the dough is too soft, it is hard to keep the shape after steaming and the skin loses its tenacity.

4. Re-knead onto the work board until smooth. . Cover with wet cloth and set aside for another 10 minutes.

5. Roll into  a long stick to  about 1“ thick  & cut with a knife into 1” parts 

6.first divide the dough into halves and then each half 12 portions.Take one portion out and cover all the others with a wet cloth. flatten the small spindle and shape it into a round shape 

7 Brush a thin layer of flour & Shape the dough to a round wrapper around 10cm in diameter. using a rolling pin . 

Be gently and do not break the wrapper. Gently pick up & fill with filling - around 1 generous teaspoon of the filling in center and assemble the har gow accordingly check my Video  or any other ways you like. But seal them completely.

8 Bring water to a boil on your stove. Brush some oil on the plates (so the dumplings will not stick) and place them in steam one by one. And then steam the dumplings for 6-8 minutes on a high flame till the coat becomes a translucent look . 

8. Serve hot with the desired Soy & sesame oil sauce , red chilli sauce or the chilli oils ! 

Refer please to my Momo recipe posted earlier for sauce !

For Onion sauce

* finely chop the - onion, green chillies & ginger add to it the seasoning- (kikkoman ) soy  sauce , salt & pepper.

* Heat the oil to smoking hot & pour over the mixture . stir .

* serve with Hot Momos . 

Important Tip

Be Persistent and don’t give up till mastered the rolling , if you can or one can make simple - rectangle roll like the Cheong fun roll or triangle shape ,mini samosa !!!

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