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Focaccia Bread

yummy savoury bread & anytime eat !

Here I am so excited to share with you  another one of my favorite Mediterranean recipes .

I love freshly baked bread, especially savory breads.

This rosemary focaccia bread is so flavorful. Seriously, every bite is like a piece of heaven. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I’d still want more. !!

This focaccia bread is made with yeast, which means you have to let the dough rise after kneading / preparing the dough .

Focaccia, just like most breads, needs to rise twice for about 1 hour each time. The second rise will give it a finer texture, more structured shape, and better bread flavor as the gluten continues to develop.

After the second rise, it’s all about dressing it with more olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt. The risen dough will already have lots of olive oil flavor, but a final olive oil drizzle, plus freshly chopped rosemary and sea salt flakes , olives , chilli flakes - are what will bring all the flavors together for extra deliciousness. Then, in the oven it goes for about 20 minutes,


•1. 1/3 cups bread Flour (200gm)

•1/2 cup warm water ( room temperature in summers )

•2.  1 Tbsp active yeast .

* 1/2 Tsp - sugar

* 1 Tsp sea  salt

* 3-5 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil, divided, plus more for greasing and drizzling

* Flaky sea salt to spinkle

* few sprigs of Rosemary

* 1/3 cup sliced black olives

* 1/2 cup oven roast tomatoes

•1 tsp chilli flakes ( optional)

Method :-

* Combine flour and ½ cups room-temperature water ,the active yeast ,sugar & salt - in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook. Mix on low speed, scraping down sides and hook as needed to incorporate any dry flour, until a shaggy dough forms. Remove dough hook .

*   Pour 1.Tbsp. oil into a large (preferably glass) bowl and swirl to coat sides. Scrape in dough with a large spatula or flexible bench scraper. Cover and place in a warm spot until dough is doubled in volume, 1 - hours. If using a glass bowl, it’s helpful to mark the position of the dough at the beginning so you can accurately assess the rise (a dry-erase marker or piece of tape works).

* Drizzle 2 Tbsp. oil over a 17x13" sheet pan and use fingertips to rub all over bottom and sides. Using large spatula or flexible bench scraper, fold dough inside bowl a couple of times to deflate, then scrape onto prepared baking sheet. Using oiled hands, lift up dough and fold over onto itself in half, then rotate baking sheet 90° and fold in half again. Cover dough with a piece of well-oiled plastic and let rest 10 minutes to let gluten relax.

* spread the dough to all four corners of rhe tin with oiled hands , making dimples all over .

* Let sheet pan sit in a warm spot until dough is puffed and bubbly and nearly doubled in height, 45–60 minutes (if you’re using a standard half sheet pan, it will have risen to the very top of the sides). Meanwhile, place a rack in center of oven; preheat to 450°.

* Remove plastic and drizzle dough generously with more oil. Oil hands again and press fingertips firmly into dough, pushing down all the way to bottom of pan to dimple all over. Sprinkle generously with sea salt and all the toppings prepared .

* Bake focaccia until surface is deep golden brown all over, 25–35 minutes. Let cool in pan 10 minutes. Slide a thin metal spatula underneath focaccia to loosen from sheet pan (it may stick in a couple of places, so use some elbow grease to get underneath) and transfer to a wire rack. Let cool completely before cutting as desired.

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