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Flourless chocolate orange Cake

If you're a fan of chocolate & orange together, (like me) this is definitely the cake for you

Here‘s a not only gluten free, but no butter too! recipe for all the gluten free & oil free health conscious Friends !!

Do give it a try , believe me , there never has been a cake so easy and utterly delicious , a turn out !

This recipe , comes together easily ,

one has to  basically just boil the oranges for an hour (sometimes maybe ½ hour  more if required) till the oranges emits a beautiful citrusy aroma & appear to be soft is the sign of them ready & cooked  in advance ( I sometime keep mine ready a 3-4 days ahead)

Once cooked , Simply take them out onto a chopping board , cut into halves & carefully remove all seeds & stubborn pits at the top & bottom & puree them whole fruit as is with skin  and all!

for the Almond meal , it’s available in most big food stores , Just recently in this lockdown period I ran out of my almond meal & landed up making my own with 11/2 cups of regular almonds & a few cashews as that was all that i had that day in my Larder !!!

A must share, is  my lockdown story here!

It’s also a special Note on how to make your own Almond meal .

when making you own Almond meal , wipe the almonds ( as i did not have time to wash n dry ) and put them in your spice grinder / coffee grinder & pulse grind till a semolina kind of texture , sieving in between to get the unground ones on top  to be reground -

Note - , do take utmost care here as over grinding & the heat from the machine can turn this into Almond paste / butter in no time,

so go slow very patiently only for this stage if you happen to be making your own Almond Meal !

Add all the rest of the ingredients in the given order ** from oranges to almond meal ** & blend in a blender - Et Voila !

I simply love making this recipe , anytime I crave for a wholesome full of aroma , extra moist & flavour full cake

This cake keeps well for 10 days,  refrigerated in an airtight steel tin )

Now you know why this one's one of my Favourites !!!

Preparations -

Preheat the oven @180 deg C for 20 min .

line a 9 or 10 “ spring cake tin with parchment paper ( I normally avoid lining for a smooth edged cake , as my spring pan is pretty tight when snapped closed

(shown in my picture below )


**•2 big oranges ,

•5 eggs

•1 cups regular sugar ( as orange are sometimes very sweet )

•½ cup chocolate powder / semi sweet chocolate

•½ cup dark cocoa powder ( not sweet )

**•2 cups Almond flour ( readily available in health store as almond meal )**

•1tsp baking powder

•½ baking soda

•½ tsp sea salt (to taste )

•2 tsp vanilla essence

(I sometimes avoid it as I prefer the orange aroma.)


  • wash well the whole orange & boil them well covered to the top with water for 1 to 11/2 hour. turn half way through if oranges are big water should be topped so as to not let them scorch at the bottom .

  • Remove onto a chopping board , cut into 4 & remove all seeds carefully

  • In a stand blender blend * to * ingredients as per the recipe above for 2-3 minutes on medium speed

  • now add the baking powder , soda & salt

  • blend further to mix - for ½ minute .

  • pour into a prepared spring baking pan & bake @ 180 C for 45 to 55 mins . check with inserting a toothpick if it comes out  clean , cake if done .

serving suggestions-:

•can serve as warm or cold !

•can make a lovely pattern with icing sugar using a sieve & a stencil!

it’s so wholesome & moist & buttery ( from almond & orange pulp , that one hardly needs to ice this cake .

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