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crunchy lettuce wraps

These mouth full of crunchy vegetables, wrapped up in cold & crisp iceberg lettuce make super party h’ordeuvres

A vegans & healthy food cocktail treat .

Thanks to being a partial vegetarian on certain days , l get to order these & taste the different variations each time in many an Asian restaurant !!

These vegetarian lettuce wraps with all its umami flavours were a love st first sight , sweet hoisin sauce, wok-seared veggies, crunchy water chestnuts topped with a squeeze of lime and tossed into a crispy lettuce leave !!! 

I first tasted these in Manchester at the famous Glamorous Garden Restaurant .

We were celebrating my son Rohaan’s graduation his 21st birthday, as well that day at this lovely Dim sum place !

we order the vegetables lettuce wraps for myself while the family had the chicken & pork ones ones of course and this was where I first tasted an iceberg wrap!!! 

so with all these variable styles each different in their own ways ,

Here s sharing with you all My version of a very successful Vegan wrap !


100gm carrots grate & minced 

100gm white radish grate squeeze out all water & mince 

100 gm tofu cut into tiny cubes ( like mince) 

50 gm finely mixed mushroom ( optional ) 

    * 2 teaspoons peanut oil 

    * 2 tsp Roasted sesame oil(I use the exotic roasted sesame one

    * oil tablespoon tamari or soy sauce (use tamari for gluten-free) 

    * 1 tablespoon black & white sesame seeds 

    * Kosher /sea salt to taste

    * Freshly cracked black pepper to taste 

* Garnish -: 

* 1 small bunch of mung bean / rice noodles . 

* finely chopped spring onion greens 

* well crushed crunchy peanut ( optional )

* crunchy bean sprouts 

To Prepare - 

•peel & wash all vegetables 

•finely grate the carrots & radish , drain 

•sauté in a hot pan over medium heat in 1 tsp oil

•Sauté similarly the finely chopped mushroom & tofu . 

mix all veggies 

•season with  the soya ,salt & pepper& sauté 

•sprinkle the roasted sesame seeds 

•Assemble the lettuce wraps: •Separate the lettuce leaves. •Spoon a small amount of the rice noodles on top, followed by the sautéed vegetables and mushrooms ( optional)

•add a teaspoon of sauce on veggies. before garnish. 

•sprinkle a drop or two of 

the exotic sesame oil 

•Repeat with remaining lettuce  and fillings. 

To plate -: 

* arrange on a serving platter 

* garnish with the -

* chopped-cilantro,spring onion ,crunchy crushed peanut ,bean sprouts & glass noodles

* securing the leaf with Toothpick while circulating as a cocktail starter , make it easy to pick up as a finger food ! 

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