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Banoffee pie

I really fell in love with this pie at a luncheon party in Kodi (Kodaikanal) and couldn’t resist a second helpings of this sinful delicious creamy concoction.

Kodi cream is the closest in taste to the yummy Cornish cream that I so very love, be it topped on scones ,shortbread or on its own with a dollop of strawberry Preserve !

This is one of my all time favourite English dessert ! quite simple to make , here i ve given two ways of making the caramel to make it convenient & easy for you to try .

caramel & banana pie

This recipe - Serves 6-8 people.


200gm ginger / digestive biscuits

100gm butter

100gm light brown sugar.

125gm butter

1 can condensed milk

Pinch of sea salt

4 bananas

juice of one lemon

150ml double cream / whipping cream

1 tbsp icing sugar/ powder sugar

50g dark chocolate, for garnish


make the caramel:

• Place the butter & sugar into a pan and gently melt keep mixing until the sugar has melted and they are combined. Then add the condensed milk and bring up to the boil allowing it to bubble and thicken.

•Remove from the heat and stir in the sea salt.

Alternative method to make the toffee topping -

•immerse the condensed milk can into boiling water (see that the water is always covering the top to avoid explosions, I suggest a weight on top of the tin is safer) and boil for 2-3 hours, the longer you cook it, the richer & darker the toffee you get . •Please make sure the water level is above the tin all the while.

•This stage can be made a week in advance and kept.

For the BASE:

•Crush the biscuits using a rolling pin/ or in a food program .

•In a thick bottom pan, over low heat, add the butter as it melts add the crushed biscuit & sauté till its a golden crisp mixture, stirring all the time to prevent burning .

•pour into a greased 8” spring form cake tin and press well to form a smooth & even base

•keep in the fridge to chill & set.

•. Now slice the bananas and sprinkle with lemon juice, to prevent discolouration.

To assemble -

•spread 1/2 the toffee on the chilled crushed biscuit base, keep in the refrigerator to cool for 30 mins • now arrange the bananas in a layer on top of the toffee drizzle with lemon juice to prevent discolouring

•drizzle the remaining toffee on top of the sliced & arranged bananas .

•In a bowl whisk together the double cream and icing sugar until it reaches medium peaks. •Spoon this on top of the bananas and create peaks using the back of the spoon.

• Grate over the dark chocolate and the Banoffee pie is ready to serve. in a couple of hours

• remove from the spring mould onto a pie stand & serve .


Half of the remaining cream can be finally piped over and dusted with a mixture of coffee and cocoa powder, and dotted with curls of bitter chocolate for garnish .

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